May 18, 2010

The Timekeeper's Moon

By Joni Sensel
Rating: 4 1/2 stars

In this great follow up to The Farwalker's Quest, Ariel is one of a previously thought dead trade--farwalking.  Now after her big adventure of discovering the lost Vault, she and her guardian Finder Scarl have been spreading the news about the find in communities near and far.  But now, suddenly, the moon starts doing something it has never done before--talking to Ariel.  Urging her to hurry.  To heed it.  Warning that all may become undone.  Ariel, Scarl and Zeke discover a map at the Vault, a map that Ariel believes may bring them to where her feet and the moon wants her to go.  So as Ariel and Scarl travel, they discover more and more about the meaning of the map, and pick up traveling companions Sienna and Nace (a romantic interest for Ariel) in the village of Swamp.  But more disturbing events occur, when items from Ariel and Scarl's past begin to reappear and then disappear, and time seems to move strangely.  All Ariel knows is that she must find the original sender of the telling darts, and that a waterfall called Timekeeper is the destination they need to reach before it is too late.  Interesting and suspenseful, readers will be be wrapped up in the story and eager to see how it concludes and will hope for further sequels.