May 23, 2011


By Garth Nix and Sean Williams
Rating: 4 stars

It is when fraternal twins Jaide and Jack turn 12 that everything goes wrong.  A mysterious and seemingly magical disturbance destroys their house and they are packed off to go live with Grandma X--a relative they have never even met but who sent them a letter naming them "troubletwisters."  Grandma X's house is full of strange items, including a door that appears and disappears, cats that talk, and hot chocolate that seems to erase memories.  The only thing Jaide and Jack can agree on is that maybe they should get away from what seems to be a witch-like grandmother.  But it is then that the Gifts of the troubletwisters kick in, and evil creatures chase the twins full out, ending in Jack's capture.  Then Grandma X has to explain the role of the Wardens against the endless Evil.  But can they rescue Jack and stop the Evil in its tracks this time?  Fans of fantasy adventures will be more than pleased by the beginning of this new series and be eagerly looking out for the next installment.  Good stuff!