December 08, 2006

Peter Pan in Scarlet

By Geraldine McCaughrean
Rating: 4 1/2 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

Kudos to author Geraldine McCaughren for winning the right to put out the first authorized Peter Pan sequel. She does Peter Pan justice here, writing in a style similar to the original story, so pure Peter Pan fans will be thrilled. Wendy, John and all of the other Lost Boys from the first story have been living the last 20 years back in London, having families and living grown up lives. But when they all begin having vivid nightmares about things gone wrong in Neverland, they decide to find a way back to find out what is wrong. When they do, the gang finds Peter Pan living on his own, and Neverland is no longer the summery place where Time stands still. Neverland is colder, the fairies are at war, the mermaids are gone. And they run across Ravello, the traveling, ravelling man, who starts to exert a powerful influence over Peter Pan, especially when Peter is wearing Captain Hook's second best scarlet coat they found on the Jolly Roger. And as the Explorers go on a quest to find Hook's treasure on top of Neverpeak, some dark secrets of Neverland are revealed, and Ravello's true nature comes to the surface. Can Peter Pan and Neverland be saved? Readers of fantasy, and especially those familiar with Neverland, will thoroughly enjoy this story. Fun!

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