July 31, 2008


By Gail Carson Levine
Rating: 4 stars

Olus is a new god of Akka, a god of the winds. Restless, he is fascinated by mortals, those "soap bubbles" that do not last that the other gods mainly ignore. Olus decides to go and live among the mortals as a goatherd, and ends up watching a particular family with a daughter named Kezi who is both skilled at knotting rugs and dancing. Olus begins to fall in love with Kezi and then tragedy strikes. Kezi's mother becomes very ill and her father makes an oath to their god, Admat, that if he makes her well, the next person to congratulate him will be sacrificed to the god. When a beloved aunt forces her way into the house, in desperation Kezi chooses to sacrifice herself. Now poor Kezi has one month to live and Olus can't stand it. He reveals himself to her as a god with a plan--if she can become a heroine and he can become a champion, she may be able to win a spot among the gods and become immortal. But can they face their worst fears for a chance at immortality? An interesting story of love and sacrifice and the truth behind the gods, told from both Kezi and Olus' point of view in alternating chapters. Fans of fantasy and of this author will be pleased with this story.


Anonymous said...

I´m crasy to read this book!!!
Please, tell me about your opinion???????

OwfaOwfa said...

This book is too good!