March 11, 2009


By Christopher Paolini
Rating: 3 1/2 stars

This is book 3 in what is now the Inheritence Cycle. This book takes up where we left off, with the Battle of the Burning Plains behind us along with the revelation that Murtagh is now a Dragon Rider as well with the young hatchling Thorn and are bent to Galabatorix's will. In this tome, Eragon and Roran deal at last with the Ra'zac, and then Eragon goes on quests to enlist the dwarves and to meet again with their elf teachers in Ellesmera to answer some pressing questions, including that of getting a proper sword for Eragon. Roran, meanwhile, develops his place in the armies of the Varden. There are revelations and a few different battles. Overall, the action is good when it happens and the characters are developed a little more fully as we journey to the final confrontation against Galabatorix that will occur in book 4. Readers who want a quicker paced fantasy may want to give this series a pass, but those who have been with it from the beginning will persevere.

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