January 05, 2010


By Angie Sage
Rating: 4 1/4 stars

This is book 5 in the Septimus Heap series. Readers will be much better off having read the previous volumes to follow this story. We pick up where book 4 left off, where Nicko and Snorri have been saved from living out of time. Nicko, Snorri, Jenna and Beetle all run into Jenna's dad Milo in Port, where he offers them hospitality upon his gorgeous ship, the Cerys. He is also excited because he has procured a chest full of what looks like little lead tubes to Jenna, but he says is something of immense wealth and importance. Meanwhile, Septimus rides his dragon Spit Fyre to get his friends and bring them back to the Castle, but Nicko and Snorri decide to sail back on the Cerys. When a huge storm hits the dragon and his riders, they crash onto an island and must remain there while Spit Fyre heals. And on this island, Septimus meets Syrah, a former ExtraOrdinary Wizard Apprentice herself who is possessed by a Syren. Syrah warns that some horrible danger to the Castle is afoot, with the Syren being part of the trouble. Soon we discover the treasure on the Cerys, a giant catlike lighthouse, some pirates, the ghost of Tertius Fume and the Syren are all part of a giant plot to take over the Wizard Tower and Castle. Can Septimus and the gang stop the terrible plan? There are more side plots and characters than could ever be counted in a review, and fans will be pleased to encounter the other storylines and people that they love. A solid entry in a solidly entertaining fantasy series.

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