April 06, 2010

Falling In

By France O'Roark Dowell
Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Isabelle Bean is that kid you all know--the awkward girl who doesn't really have any friends, who doesn't quite fit in.  Not a troublemaker really, but even the teachers don't know how to reach her.  But Isabelle knows she is different.  That her imagination is bigger than everyone else's.  In fact, her imagination is big enough that on the day she helps Charley Bender in the nurse's office and opens up the closet door, Isabelle...falls in.  Into another world, as a matter of fact.  And Isabelle is not surprised--in fact, she's suspected all along that perhaps she was a changeling.  That maybe at last she's come to the world she belongs in.  When she finds out that this world has a notorious witch, famous for eating children, Isabelle isn't scared.  In fact, she goes out to meet this witch face-to-face.  But how Isabelle gets there, and who comes along, and what she discovers about the witch?  None of it is what Isabelle expected it to be.  Readers will fall into this story as quickly as Isabelle falls into that other world, and will spend their time there quite happily.  An unusual and wonderful tale that will make many fans.  A surefire hit!

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