March 17, 2011

The Night Fairy

By Laura Amy Schlitz
Rating: 4 1/4 stars

Flory is a night fairy, meaning she comes out to fly and eat and play in the evenings, and her magic grows strongest then as well.  But when she is but 3 months old (fairies are on their own just days after they are born), a bat accidentally mistakes Flory for a moth and bites her wings, rendering her unable to fly.  Flory crashes down in the garden of a giant (AKA human) and finds an abandoned birdhouse to hide in.  It is then she decides to become a day fairy instead.  Now without wings, this rather vain and selfish fairy must learn how to escape the dangers all around her while learning how to survive in the daytime.  It is a fast-moving story, and readers will think twice about what they might be seeing in their own gardens.  A well-written, quick fantasy about a bit of a darker side to a fairy's life.  Good reading!

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