January 29, 2007

The Last Dragon

By Silvana De Mari
Rating: 4 1/4 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

This Italian import is a great combination of fantasy, humor and adventure. Yorshkrunsquarkljolnerstri (called Yorsh for short) is an elf, one born lately, as he puts it, in a land where elves are hated and feared by humans for their magical powers, and are even placed in internment camps. But despite this, Yorsh is aided by two humans, Sajra and Monser, who come to love him. When the trio finds a prophecy, they believe it comes to be fulfilled when Yorsh discovers the last dragon and agrees to stay and care for it. But this, which seems to be the end of the story, is really the beginning. For the dragon will give birth to a baby dragon, and Yorsh will discover there is more to the prophecy than he realizes. His new adventure will involve the daughter of Sajra and Monser, the evil judge administrator of Daligar, the freeing of orphans, the once proud history of the elves, and of course, the last dragon and the last elf. This is an enjoyable read from start to finish, with adventure, magic, laughter, sorrow and love throughout. Thumbs up!

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