March 07, 2007

The Stone Light

By Kai Meyer
Rating: 4 1/4 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

This is book 2 in the Dark Reflections Trilogy, which began with The Water Mirror. This book takes up where the conclusion of the first one left us. Merle has escaped Venice, which is besieged by the Egyptians, on Vermithrax, the flying stone lion. Merle has the goddess of the lagoons, the Flowing Queen, inside of her, and the trio are heading to find a way down into Hell to ask Lord Light to aid Venice. Meanwhile, Serafin, once of the Thieves Guild, is recruited by his old enemy Dario to help in an assassination attempt on the Pharaoh. The operation is the brain-child of Lalapeya, one of the very magical, almost ageless sphinx, who has been living in Venice before it even existed as a city. Both Merle and Serafin will find nonstop adventure in their quests. Merle will uncover the truth about Lord Light and Hell and meet up again with her friend Junipa of the mirror eyes. Serafin will discover the true purpose of Lalapeya and experience the despair of betrayal. Readers will be drawn pellmell to the conclusion, where both Merle and Serafin find themselves stranded in different ways and places. Readers will be anxious to read the last installment, The Glass Word, due out in the fall of 2007. A unique and intriguing fantasy.

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