March 12, 2007

Soul Eater

By Michelle Paver
Rating: 4 1/2 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

This is the 3rd book of a projected 6 titles in the excellent Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series (you can read reviews of Wolf Brother and Spirit Walker in the October 2006 archives). It is winter, and Torak and Renn are out hunting with Wolf when Wolf scents "strange prey" and runs off after it. When Wolf doesn't return, Torak knows that he has been captured and being taken into the Far North, well beyond the Forest that they know and are comfortable with. Torak and Renn immediately pursue the wolf-nappers, and only survive the frozen tundra when someone from the White Fox clan takes them in. Soon they discover that the trail they are following is left by none other than the evil Soul Eaters, and they are gathering other "hunter" animals to sacrifice to release a great evil upon the world. Torak will have to infiltrate the very group he is bound to some day destroy if he wants to save Wolf. Can he do it and come out alive? Like the previous books, this one is hard to put down as it is filled with adventure, woodcraft, and ancient magic. More information about the Soul Eaters just whets our appetites for the final battle to come! Another outstanding entry in this compelling series. The 4th book, Outcast, is due out in 2008.

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