October 20, 2006


By Roald Dahl
Rating: 3 3/4 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

Sophie is a young girl living in an orphanage. One night, she is kidnapped by the BFG--the Big, Friendly Giant--who spends his time blowing happy dreams to children. He brings her to the giant land where he lives, and Sophie finds out that the BFG is one of a kind. The other giants are quite nasty and like to snack on little boys and girls, unlike the BFG who eats snozzcumbers happily. Sophie and the BFG hatch a plot to overthrow the evil giants and make boys and girls safe forever. Can their plan work? This fantasy adventure is fun and sweet, but those evil giants are enough to really give you a scare! If you like a good adventure with a little bit of scary stuff in it, you'll want to read this! Want to read more about the author and his other books? Try the Official Roald Dahl website.

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Anonymous said...

Best book EVER in the history of books!!!!