October 20, 2006

Over Sea, Under Stone

By Susan Cooper
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

In this first book of The Dark is Rising Sequence, Barney, Simon and Jane are in Cornwall near the seaside for a month-long holiday, staying with their Great-Uncle Merry at Grey House. It is while they are exploring the attic of the house that they find the map--a map so old it seems to refer to King Arthur and his knight, Mark, and some kind of treasure hidden nearby. As the children begin to try and decipher the map, they soon find that many other people around them are interested in Grey House and what might be inside. Soon the children learn that the map leads to an amazing treasure, lost for centuries, and that some very evil people, the Dark, are desperate to get their hands on it first--desperate enough to try just about anything. Simon, Barney and Jane, along with Great-Uncle Merry, soon find themselves flung headlong into the adventure of a lifetime, with the Dark right on their heels. This is the kind of fantasy that combines myth, adventure and mystery together into a heady mix that makes you keep turning the pages to the very end and leaves you breathless to read the next installment. Fabulous! Readers will be happy to read the other 4 books in the series. Check out The Dark is Rising Sequence on the web.

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