October 20, 2006

The Sisters Grimm: Fairy-Tale Detectives

By Michael Buckley
Rating: 3 3/4 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

Sabrina and Daphne Grimm are sisters. Their parents have disappeared close to 2 years ago and the girls have been bouncing from foster home to foster home when suddenly their Grandmother Grimm sends for them. The girls are in disbelief since their father had told them their grandmother was dead. The girls are deposited at Ferryport Landing, a small town with some rather odd inhabitants. Grandmother is a strange woman with a silent tall companion named Mr. Canis. Daphne is ready to accept the long lost family member, but Sabrina takes some more convincing. Especially when it is revealed that the girls are part of the legendary Grimm family who made a magical pact to keep all the fairytale creatures living in this town forever. Who would believe that? But after their grandmother and Mr. Canis are snatched right before their eyes by a giant, Sabrina and Daphne have no choice but believe it--and to attempt a rescue. The girls have to team up with Mayor (Prince) Charming, Puck, the Magic Mirror, and Jack of beanstalk fame to achieve their goal, and they learn a lot about themselves and the fairytale world in the process. This book is a real page turner. The story borrows from the stock foster kid/missing parents scenario to begin (somewhat similar to a Series of Unfortunate Events), but spins into more original fare with Fairyport Landing and its inhabitants, doomed to stay there forever for their own safety. It is a hoot to read about and place the various characters from fairy tales and other fanciful stories like the Wizard of Oz. The smallish size of the book and the occasional black and white illustrations add to its appeal. Overall, an entertaining read. You'll want to read the sequels, The Unusual Suspects and The Problem Child (see reviews).

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