October 20, 2006

Spirit Walker

By Michelle Paver
Rating: 4 1/2 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

This is Book 2 in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series that began with Wolf Brother (see review). Torak's new life, living with the Raven clan, is threatened by an illness that is infecting all of the clans in the Forest. Torak worries that the Soul Eaters who he dealt with before may be sending this sickness and that it is up to him to find the cure. Although he leaves the Ravens on his own, his friends Renn and Wolf follow. Torak's journey is an exciting one, that brings him from the Forest into the domain of the Seal Clan who live on an island in the unfamiliar world of the ocean. Torak will find himself new friends, new enemies and even someone related to him on his quest which tests his resolve to the limit. He also discovers that he holds a rare ability that others would literally kill to possess. Like his previous adventure, Torak's story is one of non-stop action which brings the reader flying eagerly to the conclusion. If you like action, adventure and magic, there is no reason you wouldn't love this new series. Thumbs up for this absorbing story!

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