October 20, 2006


By Catherine Fisher
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

Catherine Fisher is a master at writing a book that seems to mimic a familiar past civilization, yet is still new and different and full of magic. Her Oracle Prophecies series reflect a world like ancient Egypt. But Snow-Walker (which is actually a collection of 3 books in one) is set in a world much like that of the old Northmen or Norse. The Jarlshold is the main town over which rules the Jarl. But at present, the Jarl is under the thumb of his wife, the sorceress Gudrun, and fear rules the country. Young Jessa and Thorkil are relatives of the last Jarl, whose family has been hunted down and killed by Gudrun. The pair are put in exile to live in the far reaches of the north in an old fortress where her son, Kari, is. Kari is rumored to be a hideous, horrible monster, looked after by his servant Brochael. The young teens are terrified, but have no choice but to go. Yet once there, they find that nothing is what it seems, including Kari. Soon they embark on a mission to put a new Jarl, Wulfgar, on the throne, and to help Kari end the rule of his evil witch mother. The story continues to follow the adventures of Jessa, Kari and their friends, and the seemingly unending struggle between good and evil. The stories are rich with action and magic, including rune-beasts, shape-shifters, soul thieves and spirits. Anyone who loves a fantasy which has great characters, plenty of nonstop action, and a classic fight between good and evil will relish this book. Check out more about Catherine Fisher and her books at her website.

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